DJ’s Antifractal

West Coast renowned D3lphie, brings her musical talents to the Trance world with her alias – Antifractal. Anti-fractal is the smooth and open space between the ever-expanding geometrical figure of a fractal. Antifractal mirrors the symbolic meaning with use of the beat patterns, founded on evolving and symmetric vibrations, as well as sound replication.
With over 8 years of experience under her mixing belt she decided to open the doors to her Trance side in 2015. Flowers eclectic lifestyle has given her the potential to bring symmetry to her mixing style and a fiery attitude to behind the decks, which transcends her audience on the dance floor. Her ability to blend beatific melodies and breakdowns with cryptic, yet deep-rooted bass line is profound. One would describe her style as a dark roller-coaster of sound waves whipping through enlightening vocal melodies and winding to enigmatical PSY beats.
With growing recognition in the Denver Trance Family has landed Ms. Antifractal with quite a reputation in the Mile Hight city as on of the essential local icons in the DTF. Her aptness to connect with her audience has given her the opportunity to play some of the hottest events in Denver, including Decadence, Supernatural Festival, Global Dance Festival, Supernatural Festival, Trance Mission, and the Reginal Burn – Appogea. In addition, her musical versatility, has opened the door for her to play as supporting act in the hottest Denver Nightclubs to artists like Darren Styles, John O’callaghan, Indecent Noise, MaRLo, Skylex, Sentinel 7, Adam Stark, Emata, and Mitiska. Overall, Antifractal prides herself on conducting clever and bold DJ sets full of originality, and she is just so much more than the modern day Trance DJ.
Taking her producing skills to the next level with her latest track Abduction, which was debuted at Global Dance Festival 2019. Antifractal hopes to continue the trend of producing hard Psytrance tracks for her Denver Trance Family fanbase, making her a one of a kind act for the local Trance DJ’s in the Denver Nightlife scene. To say the least, her music brings the entire electromagnetic spectrum to the dance floor, which she plans to carry on with more events with the beloved Denver Trance Family.
It’s all expendable for the experience.”

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