Dr. Erik Natkin


Dr. Natkin, although not a true Colorado native, has lived off-and-on in the Denver area since 1987. He was born in California and moved to Germany with his family at the age of 11 when his father, a Psychiatrist, re-enlisted with our Armed Forces. After completing 6 grade through first year of college in Germany he moved to Boulder, Colorado to pursue college at the University of Colorado.

After an eclectic career including environmental chemistry, owner/operator of a small construction-contractor company, and computer information technology he eventually returned to his earlier pursuit of medicine and moved to Los Angeles, California for medical school. He then spent a year in Denver, Colorado completing a year of general surgery and then to Oregon for orthopedic surgery residency training. Upon leaving Oregon he has focused his medical career on the treatment of patient pain management needs which has led him into a the world of Health and Wellness and Regenerative Medicine. His diverse background in life and medical education have suited his patients with a pleasurable and satisfying medical experience.

When not at work and attending to his patients needs, Dr. Natkin is an avid cyclist and enjoys cycling, snowboarading, scuba diving, music, movies, theater and art, travel, and a good book.


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