Deej Rush with Denver House to Headline Paranormal Palace 2023!

Halloween in Denver just got a lot more electrifying! If you’ve been wondering where to spend your spooky evening, search no more. The Paranormal Palace 2023 has announced its headliner, and it’s none other than the renowned Deej Rush from Denver House! ????

A Star-studded Affair at Paranormal Palace

Every year, Paranormal Palace ups the ante with its offerings. From spine-chilling decors to heart-thumping music, the event ensures a one-of-a-kind Halloween experience for all attendees. And with Deej Rush taking over the decks, this year promises to be no different.

Who is Deej Rush?

For those unfamiliar with the Denver music scene, Deej Rush is a household name. Associated with Denver House, this DJ has been captivating audiences with his unique mixes, blending traditional house beats with modern rhythms, creating a soundscape that’s both nostalgic and contemporary. His energy is infectious, and his sets are nothing short of magical.

What to Expect at Paranormal Palace 2023

With Deej Rush leading the musical journey, attendees can expect:

  • A night filled with iconic house tracks and fresh beats.
  • Surprise guest appearances from Denver’s top musical talents.
  • An unparalleled light and sound show that syncs perfectly with Deej Rush’s beats.

Don’t Miss Out!

Paranormal Palace is known to be a sell-out event, and with Deej Rush headlining, tickets are expected to fly off the virtual shelves even faster. So, if you’re planning to attend, it’s recommended to book your spot ASAP.