As the cool October wind whispers secrets of the unseen and the moon bathes the city in its silvery light, the eager souls of Denver gather to celebrate the mysterious, the haunting, and the extraordinary at the iconic Paranormal Palace!

A Convergence of Worlds:

This Halloween, the Paranormal Palace is where worlds converge, and mysteries unfold. With its spine-tingling theme of Wednesday Addams vs. Barbie, this event orchestrates an electrifying clash of dark allure and vibrant glamour, catering to every whimsical fancy and eerie fascination.

Distinct Musical Atmospheres:

Dive into the rhythms of the night as you explore the two distinctly crafted musical environments. Let the entrancing beats of Vocal House Electronica in the Atrium envelop your senses, or get groovy with the mainstream vibes of the 12-piece live band, Funkiphino, resonating through the Ballroom.

Hotel Takeover and More!

What sets the Paranormal Palace apart is its innovative hotel takeover, offering attendees exclusive balcony rooms overlooking the myriad of festivities. Engage in the thrill of a balcony decor contest and immerse yourself in this transformative Halloween experience!

The Quintessence of Halloween:

Paranormal Palace stands as a beacon, attracting those who seek the essence of Halloween. Whether you are a seeker of the paranormal or a lover of the extravagant, the event promises an exploration of the unknown, coupled with non-stop entertainment, interactive experiences, and hauntingly beautiful performances.


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