Denver Halloween - Charity Event 9th Annual



Denver Halloween: Paranormal Palace – has sold out for the last 8 years. Get your Tickets now!

  • Alcohol Included! Top Brands!
  • $2,000 Costume Contest!
  • Charity Event! Global Orphan Prevention
  • 3 Floors of Full Immersion Decor
  • 50+ Performers, 3 live Rocky Casts
  • 50+ Performers, 3 live Rocky Casts
  • 3 Bands, 6 DJ’s
  • 90’s Floor with live bands and DJ’s
  • Sold Out 8 years! 2,500 guests!
  • Food Trucks in the Party.

Denver Halloween: Paranormal Palace – Best Halloween Parties in Denver

Welcome to Frank-N-Furters dream!   A full Rocky Horror cast will be leading the party through a Time Warp and the doctor’s lab will be Rocking.   Magenta: I’m lucky, he’s lucky, we’re all lucky!  3 Live Rocky Horror casts to lead the dream.  Brad, Rocky, Janet, Riff Raff, Dr Frank-N-Furter and all their friends will be on all the levels to entertain.

Monster beats from Top 40 mash-ups to hip-hop on the dance floor.  Explore the  90’s floor with all the top hits that made the decade 1990-2000 including 2 live bands.   2nd floor will be a DJ dance marathon sure to groove the grave.

Liberating libations flow from the darkest realms and for VIPs, titillations from top shelf spirits and fermented crimson grapes fresh from the harvest abound.   Scrumptious culinary delights from the food trucks.

Party with a Purpose as we help  



McNichols Civic Center Building
114 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80202

Date & Time

Saturday, October 28th, 2017
Doors Open at 8:00 pm for GA


Multiple Parking Lots Nearby
Don’t Drink and Drive!


Live Bands and DJ’s: Monster beats from Top 40 mash-ups to hip-hop 90’s and terrifying grooves that pound the Palace walls.
Rowdy Shadehouse, Never mind the 90s, DJ G6, Dj Amuse, Artifractal, Top flight ENT.  And more!


3 Floors of Full Immersion Decor
50+ Performers, 3 live Rocky Casts
$2,000 Costume Contest!
Two full Rocky Horror Casts
Many theater vignette’s for photo ops


Dress Code

$2,000 Costume Contest. From the funny, the crazy, the crafty, the scantily clad, the horrificthe guests’   movie-level costumes are entertainment in their own right for this Halloween in Denver.


GA – $69
VIP $119
ALCOHOL INCLUDED with all ticket purchases


VIP Entry | Private Bar | An exclusive island sanctuary – in the center of the event.  VIP sections on floor 1 and 2.  FOOD!  Free voucher for the food truck.


Tables Seats 4 people
Have a home base for your group.
Tickets purchased separately
Tables limited on a first come basis.

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